Wine by glass

The simple bag cooler – the perfect solution for serving wine by glass and increasing your HoReCa sales

Any good wine has its own story. The same is for our SBC.
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The same logo was printed on carafes and on dedicated wine by glass lists for restaurants.This was the wine by glass program.

They placed these coolers in HoReCa distribution network together with carafes and wine lists.
In this way the image of the brand was displayed in each restaurant becoming a very good and efficient advertising.

Sales went high in restaurants and step by step the brand was Promoted and well known by customers, which started also buying the products from retail shops.
Do you want to live the same happy end story for yourself?

It’s up to you !!

Once upon a time there was a winery fighting for its own niche of market.

The stocks were high, and sales insufficient. Their brand was not well promoted and everybody was worried about.

One day a young salesman proposed to the management a sales strategy based on a new type of bag-in-box wine cooler:very simple, affordable, with no pipes, pumps connectors, or regular cleaning needed.


They added their own image on the front illuminated door and the logo on display.